Tuesday, 4 December 2018

City of London Police impose restrictions on Bank Junction taxi protest

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In the wake of a raft of protests from the licensed London taxi industry, City of London Police took the step of imposing restrictions on yesterdays demonstration by issuing a section 14 to taxi drivers taking part in the protest.
The demonstration, which centered around Bank Junction, was following on from last weeks protests at London Bridge.
The protests were called by London taxi pressure group the Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA), after Transport for London as well as borough councils across London, look to impose restrictions on taxis entering designated roads, thus impinging on the ability to function of the only fully wheelchair accessible, mode of public transport available to Londoners.
A section 14 is a notice pertaining to the Public Order Act 1986, preventing serious disruption to the life of the community, and is used to impose certain conditions at any given event.
It is expected that City of London Police will adopt a similar tactic today, and throughout the rest of the week long series of protests
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