Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Council set out to catch Taxi drivers who charge above the metered fare and Private Hire drivers who illegally ply for hire this Christmas

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Nottingham City Council will be cracking down on taxi and private hire drivers who flout the law this Christmas after receiving a number of complaints which include taxi drivers not using the meter to price journeys and private hire drivers that illegally ply for hire. Poor driving and rude behaviour are also two issues on the council’s crackdown list. According to a report in the Nottingham Live, over a dozen licences have been revoked this year due to these issues, mainly illegally plying for hire. Although unclear how many, and from which sector, hackney carriage or PHV, some licences were even revoked due to the driver operating under the influence of alcohol. The city council will run a ‘mystery shopper’ campaign to catch drivers in the act over the next few weeks. They are also calling on any passengers that come across problems with drivers to inform the council. The city council, along with Unite Union for Hackney Carriage taxis have said they want to flush out the bad apples within the trade, but have stressed that the majority of taxi and private hire drivers in Nottingham abide by all rules put in place for the trade.
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