Sunday, 2 December 2018

Crackdown on private hire drivers misusing disabled badges in Wesrminster

via taxi-point
Private hire drivers working in Westminster have come under fire for illegally misusing disabled badges.
It has been revealed by Get West London that staff from Westminster Council have been photographing private hire drivers using a third party's' disabled badge to allow them to illegally park within the borough.
Illegally misusing a disabled, or blue badge is a criminal offence punishable by up to a £1000 fine.
Private hire drivers were not the only ones to come under fire for their illegal activities as it was also revealed that shoppers heading for Oxford Street were also committing the same offence.
Figures showed that 80% of blue badge misuse cases centred around the Portman Square Mews area of Westminster.
Successful prosecutions have gleaned in excess of £19,000 in fines, with 53 people convicted of an offence.
Concerns have been raised that some individuals were able to falsely claim Blue Badges from different boroughs, however it is claimed that improvements have been made to prevent people from obtaining Blue Badges dishonestly.
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