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Sadiq Khan blames minicabs and delivery vehicles for Londons road chaos

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London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has blamed the rise in mincab and delivery vehicle numbers for Londons traffic chaos.
The Evening Standard has reported that as a result the Mayor is now actively discouraging online shoppers from receiving deliveries at work.
With the number of vans delivering goods in the capital increasing year upon year, the Mayor is looking into thr option of creating parcel collection points at tube stations in the suburbs, as well as supermarkets and corner shops.
The plan is to enable workers to collect parcels on the way home, thus reducing the need for delivery vans to enter London.
The Mayor has also been lobbying the government to allow TfL as well as local authorities to cap the number of minicabs in London, something which thus-far has remained a fruitless exercise.
With mounting criticism pertaining to CS3 in relation to the traffic chaos it has caused, the Mayor has hit back at critics, claiming that the Cycle Super-highway, which runs alongside the Embankment is categorically not to blame for the heavy traffic in the area.
Mayor Khan has stated that rather than the widely criticised road schemes which have been initiated across London being to blame for Londons' increasing traffic problems, the real responsibility lays with Londonera lifestyle and the rise in minicab numbers.
Figures show that the Mayor has spent around £56 million on Cycle Super-highways and £46 million on Quietways since entering office.
The Mayor has also been vocal in relation to the slow uptake of various cycling schemes, and has made it clear that Londoners must ditch their cars in favour of walking, cycling and using public transport.
This will raise eyebrows from those within the taxi industry, which is an integral part of the public transport system, who have been protesting against TfL and the Mayors stance in restricting taxi access to a number of roads across London,
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