Saturday, 1 December 2018

New York cabbies death witheld from family

via taxi-point
A cab drivers death was witheld from his family fo two days by the New York Police Department.
61 year old Magdy Abouzaid died in Aug. 2017, after succumbing to a heart attack whilst changing a tyre on his cab.
Relatives of the cabbie are now suing the New York Police Department for failing to norify them of his death, thus delaying their right to perform a burial in accordance with the muslim faith.
According to the family’s lawsuit, the police had listed Mr. Abouzaid as an unidentified person, even though Mr. Abouzaid’s taxi license was displayed inside the taxi, and his wallet with identification as well as his phone were in the car.
A complaint is currently under review, and the NYPD have thus far made no comment.
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