Saturday, 1 December 2018

Noel Edmonds reveals Black cab caper

via taxi-point
TV and radio presenter Noel Edmonds has revealed that he has been using his own personal Black cab so as he could use bus lanes to avoid traffic.
69 year old Noel, who has gone from Deal Or No Deal to "squeal or no squeal" after appearing on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, confessed on Thursdays' show that his wife Liz had bought him a taxi as a gift.
He then took full advantage of that gift by using him it to by-pass traffic by deiving down the bus lanes of Bristol.
In 2009 Edmonds caused a few raised eyebrows after being caught driving down a bus lane in his taxi with a fully clothed mannequin in the back.
Undeterred, the TV legend then went one further after being ticketed in his cab.....he bought a Routemaster bus so as to avoid being ticketed in the bus lane.
An unplated taxi is prohibited from using a bus lane, and is treated in the same way as any other excluded vehicle.
The former Clayhall resident caused a shock to viewers after he was voted out of I'm A Celebrity, on Friday.
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