Friday, 28 December 2018

Petition to have the licence of Hate Rant taxi driver revoked hits over a thousand signatures

via taxi-point
A petition has been started to have the licence of a Preston taxi driver to be revoked after a video went rival showing him giving a hate-filled rant against Christians. Zaheer Hussain, 41, was arrested and released by Preston Police pending further investigations and now more than 1,000 people have called for him to have his hackney carriage licence revoked. The petition was started by 25-year-old Daniel Allen after he watched the video which went viral on social media and has said that he believes the video shows Hussain threatening to rape people who converted from Islam to Christianity. He also believes that the nature of the content shows an extreme conflict of interest given the nature of Hussain’s job as a taxi driver.
Mr Hussain has since apologised for his rant. According to Blog Preston, a Taxi and Miscellaneous Committee is due to meet on Wednesday 9 January where a decision could be made to call Mr Hussain before the panel to explain his outburst to councillors if they choose to strip him of his licence.
The petition details can be found @ Change org
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