Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Mother and daughter left homeless after minicab smashes into their house

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A mother and her two children had a lucky escape after a minicab smashed through the front of their home in Bellingham, South East London.
36 year old Suzan Hassan had been doing some washing up in the kitchen when the private hire vehicle hit her home at approximately 8pm on December 22, leaving her home uninhabitable.
Thankfully her two children, 11 year old year-old Yasemin and 6 year old Tyla, will not at home when the vehicle hit the house.
Ms Hassan suffered a minor back injury in the incident, the private hire driver was breathalysed by police and found to be sober. It is understood that the driver somehow lost control of his vehicle, resulting in the crash.
It didn't end there though for Ms Hassan, as she was forced to sleep in her car, with her daughter, whilst her son stayed at his grandmother's, after the hotel that they were subsequently placed in by London and Quadrant Housing Association was deemed to be completely unacceptable.
According to the Evening Standard Ms Hassan described conditions as "terrifying" at the accommodation in which they were placed due to alleged anti-social behaviour.
The family have now been rehoused in suitable accommodation, and it is unclear as yet whether any action will be taken against the minicab driver.
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