Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Yearly report shows a shocking amount of Taxi and Private Hire drivers who were caught operating outside the rules

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During the past year, Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police have undertaken a safety crackdown on Taxi and private hire drivers who have not been compliant with the current rules and regulations and the results have been rather shocking. According to a report by the council which was first highlighted by the Liverpool Echo, more than 300 drivers were caught breaking at least one of the rules. Some of the offences included taxi drivers cherry picking jobs and private hire drivers illegally plying for hire. In the first instance, 18 hackney carriage drivers were found to refuse jobs that they should’ve taken in insteaof waiting for a more profitable journey. In the second instance, 33 private hire drivers were caught plying for hire. Private hire drivers must only pick up jobs which are pre-booked through their acting operator. The report suggests that most of those drivers were prosecuted. The crackdown came as cabinet member for transport, Cllr James Noakes said they wanted to make transport in Liverpool as safe as possible. He did point out though, that the vast majority of taxi and private hire drivers “are responsible, play by the rules and share our concerns for public safety”, but did stress that they would not hesitate to take action against any who don’t. Another shocking statistic that came to light during the yearly report was the amount of drivers who parked up and left their vehicles on taxi ranks.
The enforcement team were kept business tracking drivers who took up space on working ranks. A total of 1,185 people committed this offence, with the majority being private drivers. Not only Liverpool licensed drivers were caught throughout the year. Drivers from Wigan, Wolverhampton, London and Burnley were among the offenders.
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