Thursday, 7 February 2019

"I'd claw your f****ing head off" threatens drunk pensioner because his Taxi fare was 30p more than usual

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A drunk pensioner has been caught on camera threatening to "claw the head off" a taxi driver - after his fare went up by 30p, claiming that he's never paid more that £4. Cabbie Ian Kennedy can be heard telling the man he owes a grand total of £4.23 for the journey to his home in Falkirk, triggering a furious response from the older man. Mr Kennedy tried to explain that the 30p hike was down to the local council and not him, but the passenger was in no mood for reasoning. In the video that was posted on social media, along with the comment: "What happens when you miss the Tariff One curfew, an extra 30p", Ian pulls up outside the man's destination and tells him the fare will be £4.23.
The passenger replies: "You're having a f***ing laugh son. "You said £4.30, I've never paid this in my life and I've been coming here for years. I never paid anything over four quid. £3.90."
Eventually the angry man begrudgingly hands over the money and says: "Just give me the f***ing change." After the passenger said: "Right I'll catch you some other day or I might never", Ian can be heard responding by saying: "I hope not." The passenger then rages: "You're a cheeky man, you're a cheeky young man, sir. "I wish I was f***ing younger, I'd claw your f***ing head off." Ian said the council fare change "puts an extra 30p on his fare".
You can view the footage in the Mirror, but be warned; the accents are very very strong.
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