Thursday, 7 February 2019

London Assembly member David Kurten quizzes the Mayor on his taxi industry policy.

via taxi-point
David Kurten has today questioned the Mayor on his policy surrounding the taxi industry, during Mayors Question Time.
The Mayor, despite proclaiming that Londons taxi industry was an integral part of Londons public transport network, he stated to the London Assembly that although he wants to see 80% of all journeys made in London, performed by foot, cycle or public transport, he does not include taxis within that 80% figure.
David Kurten then asks the Mayor a number of other questions pertaining to the taxi industry, which can be seen in full in the above video, including questions regarding bus lane exclusions for taxis.
In the meantime, taxi protests continue in London, with the focus shifting away from Tottenham Court Road and moving to Parliament Square, as angered cabbies continue their action against various road exclusions across the capital.
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