Friday, 1 February 2019

LEVC expect 2019 to be a challenging year for the UK automotive sector

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Earlier this week, electric taxi manufacturer LEVC announced that they would be reducing the number of temporary agency staff currently employed at its factory in Coventry.The decision to reduce staff was largely due to the likelihood of 2019 being a challenging year for the UK automotive sector and the need to match staff levels with its expected production volumes.An LEVC spokesperson offered TaxiPoint an update on it’s discussions with the agency staff affected saying: “Given our desire to treat the affected individuals fairly, we have sought to brief those directly impacted first. We have sought act with pace, care and transparency to ensure that uncertainty for affected staff is kept to a minimum. Following our initial communication earlier this week, this afternoon temporary staff have now been given their notice and release dates will be agreed with those affected next week.“Our agency staff recruiter has already started reaching out to their other clients to see what other roles might be available for those leaving the business, and we will support those affected through this process. Where appropriate we are also encouraging agency staff to apply for non-production vacancies at LEVC.“These associates have all played an important role in helping LEVC build our new factory and our new vehicles over the past few years and we are extremely thankful for their efforts.”
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