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No-one likes getting into a cold cab; How to warm your LEVC TX

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In an electric vehicle, the cabin temperature is maintained electrically using energy from the drive battery. When charging your TX, whether overnight at home or on-street, you can set a ‘Parking Climate’ timer to pre- warm or pre-cool the cabin using the mains electricity. This feature automatically activates the climate control system to restore the last set temperature and fan speed. This means energy isn’t taken from the battery to do the same job after you’ve driven away, helping to preserve your electric, you get to climb into a cab that’s just the way you like it.How to set Parking Climate Open the heating and ventilation display on the touchscreen by pressing the fan icon at the bottom of the screen. Swipe the screen from left to right, or select ‘Parking Climate’ at the top of the screen
(1) Touch ‘Add timer’ to create a new preconditioning timer
- Set the time and applicable of days of the week. - You can also set a timer for a specific date (2) Touch the timericon to active (or deactivate) the timer/s (3) Check the relevant heated seat box to also switch on the heated seat whenever preconditioning is active. (4) You can change the settings of a timer, or remove unwanted timers by touching ‘Edit list’. (5) You can also touch the ‘Preconditioning’ button to manually activate the feature. This restores the previously set cabin temperature without turning on the ignition. It is possiblet to lock the vehicle and leave just the heating active. This is useful when leaving the cab for a short break.
As long as the vehicle is plugged in to a charge point and the ignition is switched off, the preconditioning will activate and warm/cool the cabin, ready for your shiftKeep climate comfort (6) The ‘Keep climate comfort’ button works to maintain the current heating and ventilation settings while the cab is parked and the driver remains in the vehicle. It uses only the fans to distribute residual heat in the system or draw in cool air from outside, so is an effective way of maintaining a comfortable temperature for short periods of time, while consuming very little energy.
- It is deactivated when the ignition is switched back on, the vehicle is locked from the outside, or if the vehicle is plugged into a chargepoint.
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